About John Downey

Liguanea is a photography service that wants you to see something new, or something familiar in a new way. Liguanea Photographs are not digitally enhanced beyond cropping and the basics needed to achieve realistic color balance and sharpness.

The Name Liguanea
(Pronounced LIH-guh-nee)

“St. Andrew was one of the first parishes to be established by Law in 1867 having been known prior to that time as Liguanea. “Liguanea” is one of the few surviving Arawak words, presumably stemming from the word iguana, meaning “lizard”…… Liguanea - This was the original name of the Parish of St. Andrew, but now only refers to the small commercial centre mid-way between Half-Way Tree and Papine.”

Picture Dis: The National Online Album of Jamaica, is a digital image collection of the people, places and products of Jamaica, organised by the fourteen parishes of Jamaica.

Photography Equipment

Canon Rebel T2i, EF24-70L, EF 70-200L, EFS18-55, 430EX